estamos enrollados

The artist’s tapas

Enjoy our dinners in a popular painter’s private home

Rico, the son of the painter, will prepare your dinner. You will have the chance to taste a very contemporary Spanish cuisine based on products from the market combined with culinary techniques and his special twist (because his tapas are not the same than restaurants) while sipping some good wine. He will explain you the traditional recipes and share his secrets with you.

We usually eat at 20h, but we can deal the time 🙂

We present a contemporary gastronomy in our dining room. You could choose between:

  1. Gourmet menu. If you want a more gourmet gastronomic experience, do not miss this menu. Rico is going to launch everything he has learned in Michellin star restaurants, in his culinary trips and will squeeze all his creation. 4 best dishes made from the Andalucian gastronomy and from our local products and we’ll fusion them with techniques from all over the world. What we cook, you will not find in the restaurants.
  1. Trapantojo: the illusion menu. Nothing it is what it looks like. 4 dishes of our menu made to play with you. They look one thing, but when you taste it, you will realize it is some food really different. Do you dare it?

Let us know whether you have any allergies or intolerance, and we’ll take care of the rest. Every day, we elaborate a different dishes; each dinner is unique depending on fresh products available in the local markets, the season and chef’s inspiration. Our kitchen is in constant evolution.

We divide our menu in the categories:


As good lovers, we like to follow all the steps to enjoy the pleasure intensively. So, start with a good foreplay is imperative.

Creams, sorbets, soups, veggie cocktail… a soft start so the rest will feel better.


Rolls (affairs)

Rolls are our specialty, our favorite fetish… We mix traditional recipes with sauces and unusual species and we roll everything. We serve cuted, so it can be eaten easily. Those dishes are ideal for sharing.


Other sins

We are open minded and also we have others sins: dishes in miniature made with passion and presented to offer visual and sensory pleasure.

Happy end

Whenever we are together, we end up with a happy ending. The important thing is to stay with the desire to repeat 😉

Our desserts are always a fruit or vegetable and we like to add an ingredient sexy. Irresistible!