Chef privado Sevilla - Experiencias gastronómicas

Be our guest.

Estamos Enrollados y nos mola hacerlo en la cocina (a roll in the hay and we like to make it in the kitchen) are innovative gastronomic experiences that we, Rico and Irene, play with you in our exclusive and private dining room. We open the doors of our home located inside an antique Sevillian palace. We are fortunate to live in a very artistic appartment, because we live in a well known Spanish artist’s home where you will get to see his amazing paintings.

Together we will share our table, meet other travelers and locals to enjoy our meals together in a close, intimate and unconventional way. You will experience the magic of an authentic social dinner.

We know that there is no better place to eat that home. That is why we serve our dishes in our dining room and we sit together to share the culinary experience with our guests, discuss secret recipes and meet each other! We prefer you to eat like in a 5 stars restaurant feeling at home.

Immerse yourself in food, culture and local people in a Sevillian home by sharing your table with us!

Private chef

Have you rent an appartment? We come and we cook in your home.
We will design and exclusive menu for you. Invite your friends and we will come to cook in your place. The best of the most contemporary Spanish cuisine in your holidays home.

Catering service

Do you have a party, an openning or an special celebration? We are happy to bring our kitchen where ever you ask and we will make high standing catering for your people.




My name is Rico, I studied cooking in El txoko del gourmet in Basque Country. I am a professional chef with a wide experience in both traditional and Michelin star restaurants (Martín Berasategui with 3 stars Michellín and Mirador de Ullia with 1 star Michellín).

Now I design and create the menu for Estamos Enrollados y nos mola hacerlo en la cocina, based on my inspiration and what is on the market.



The ceramist

My name is Irene. I am a passionate culinary and Rico’s main fan. Finally I have has convinced Rico to open our home to people to taste our food. I have a degree in literature, a grade in photography and I studied ceramics with a Japanese teacher.

I also design and handmade the chef’s dishes according to his needs. In Japan a meal isn’t considered quality if it isn’t served in a pretty dish. Same for us. The container and the content are equally important!